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spotify vs soundcloud
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January 21, 2024
SoundCloud or Spotify: Determining the Superior Music Streaming Platform

Considering whether to opt for SoundCloud or Spotify for an optimal music-streaming experience? Let’s delve into the strengths of each platform and determine which is better for discovering new artists, organizing playlists, and enjoying high-quality sound.

What Is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud, founded in August 2007, has evolved into a popular platform for up-and-coming artists to share their creations. With over 30 million artists utilizing the service, it has become a vibrant space for emerging talents.

What Is Spotify?

Established in 2006 and launched in 2008, Spotify is a music and podcast-streaming service that caters to both established artists and newcomers in the music scene. Operating globally, Spotify offers a diverse range of content.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Uncovering New Artists and Songs

Spotify’s features like Discover Weekly, Daily Mix playlists, and Release Radar facilitate the discovery of new artists and songs.

SoundCloud, with its Daily Mix playlists and artist stations, provides a similar experience.

In this category, it’s a tie.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Listening to Unofficial Remixes

SoundCloud shines in uncovering unofficial music remixes and mashups. Spotify, due to limitations on user uploads, is not as robust in this aspect.

SoundCloud takes the lead in this category.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Audio Quality

Spotify offers varying audio quality based on subscription plans, reaching up to 320 kb/s for Premium users. SoundCloud Go+ allows streaming up to 256 kb/s.

Spotify wins this category for its higher audio quality.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Pricing

Spotify Premium starts at $10.99/month, with various plans like Premium Duo and Premium Family.

SoundCloud Go and Go+ are priced at $4.99/month and $9.99/month, respectively.

SoundCloud wins in terms of affordability, but Spotify Premium offers more features.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Playlists

Spotify excels in playlist creation, offering features like Smart Shuffle, collaborative playlist editing, and a seamless process for adding new tracks.

SoundCloud, while allowing playlist creation, lacks some advanced features.

Spotify is the winner in this category.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify: App Availability

Both platforms have iOS and Android apps, but Spotify’s desktop app is more widely available.

Spotify secures a narrow victory in this category.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Organizing Your Library

Spotify’s intuitive interface and organizational features, including the ability to rearrange playlist orders, surpass SoundCloud.

Spotify wins for its superior library organization.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Social Features

SoundCloud excels in social sharing, with features like liking, reposting, and commenting.

Spotify allows following friends and artists, sharing playlists, and has the notable Spotify Wrapped.

This category is a tie between the two platforms.


If you’re into undiscovered artists and unofficial tracks, SoundCloud is your go-to platform. For a more comprehensive listening experience with established artists, better value for money, and versatile premium subscriptions, Spotify is the preferred choice. Consider your preferences and priorities to make the best decision for your music-streaming needs.


  1. Ann russell

    Hi Troy, i have a pair of 30+ year old pioneer stereo speakers that need new “insides”, is that something you do? Thanks

    • Green Dragon Technology

      I’m afraid not, but I can highly recommend Doug’s Electronics in Lonoke: 501-985-9927 604 W. 4th St. Lonoke, AR 72086 …but thanks for asking!


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