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ZOZO 90W AC Universal Laptop Charger


ZOZO 90W Universal Laptop Charger 15-20V Tip’s Dimensions and Compatible Brands
[ M1 ] : 15V, Dimension: 6.3*3.0mm for TOSHIBA laptop compatible models; [ M3 ]: 16V, Dimension: 6.5*4.5*1.35mm for SONY, FUJITSU laptop compatible models
[ M4 ]: 18.5V, 3.5A, 4.9A; Dimension: 4.8*1.7mm for HP laptop compatible models
[ M5 ]:19V, 2.37A, 3.42A, 4.74A; Dimension: 5.5*2.5mm for Toshiba Asus laptop Chromebook compatible models
[ M6 ]:19V, 3.16A, 4.74A; Dimension: 5.0*3.0mm with pin for Samsung laptop compatible models
[ M8 ]:19.5V, 2A, 3.9A, 4.7A; Dimension: 6.5*4.4mm with pin for Sony laptop models
[ M9 ]:19.5V, 3.34A,4.62A; Dimension: 7.4*5.0mm with pin for Dell laptop compatible models
[ M11 ]:20V, 3.25A,4.5A; Dimension: 7.9*5.4mm with pin for LENOVO IBM laptop compatible models
[ M12 ]:18.5V, 3.5A,4.74A; Dimension: 7.4*5.0mm with pin for HP laptop compatible models
[ M13 ]: 19V,1.58A, 2.31A, 2.37A ; Dimension: 4.0*1.7mm for Toshiba laptop chromebook compatible models
[ M18 ]:19V, 2.1A, 2.37A, 3.42A; Dimension: 3.0*1.0mm for Acer/Samsung/Asus laptop chromebook compatible models
[ M19 ]:19V, 2.37A, 3.42A; Dimension: 4.0*1.35mm for Asus laptop chromebook compatible models
[ M20 ]:19V, 3.42A,4.74A; Dimension: 5.5*1.7mm for Acer Gateway laptop compatible models
[ M21 ]:19.5V, 2.31A, 3.33A; Dimension: 4.5*3.0mm with pin for HP laptop chromebook compatible models
[ M22 ]:19.5V, 2.31A, 3.34A,4.62A; Dimension: 4.5*3.0mm with pin for Dell compatible models;
[ M27 ]:20V 3.25A,4.5A; Dimension:11*5.0mm Square tip for LENOVO laptop compatible models



MULTIPLE DC TIPS & WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE - Works for Lots of Brand Model Laptops

Multiple DC Tips: This set of tips can compatible most HP Dell Toshiba Lenovo Acer Asus Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway and other Brand laptop models which tips and voltage included.

Wide Voltage Range from 15V to 20V: Automatic Voltage Adjustment, Plug and Play. Choose the right tip to get right voltage automatically. Each tip has a number and voltage printed on it.

3-Pin Strong Connection Tip

Tips are 3-pin construction which is stronger connected and will not fall out. Provide Stable Power for you!

Automatic Voltage Adjustment

The tips will adjust the right voltage auto matically when connected. Every tip has voltage value and number on it.

6Ft High Quality AC Cord

The ac cord is about 6ft, which is long enough to meet your power needs indoor.

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