You’re heard of software like Microsoft Office and Photoshop being sold as a service, now the creators of ransomware are getting in on the action, offering customizable ransomware as a service to hackers on the dark web.

Would-be hackers who want to spread the malware sign up at the creator’s website and promise to give 30% of what they earn from the ransomware back to the developers.

Crooks have to connect a Bitcoin virtual currency account to the Ransomware service and specify how much they want victims to pay to unlock their files. Then they can download the needed files to attack unsuspecting users. They’ll even collect the ransom money for you and forward your cut on to your account.

That means you don’t necessarily need any tech skills to conduct a malware scam besides attaching the file to an email.

What does that mean to ordinary users? It means that you can expect ransomware to become even more prevalent. Keep your eyes open for suspicious links and attachments!

Be sure to check out our G Data Internet Security to help combat this ever increasing threat! They estimate there are more than 80,000 new threats every day!

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