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May 16, 2017
Introducing the Family Plan


Introducing Family Plans
Introducing the Family Plan
Save up to $180/yr*
We’re here to support you with all of your PCs, tablets.  Green Dragon Tech Support is the knowledgeable resource that will support your computer, laptop, or tablet software issues for the length of your membership. We are here to help ensure that your computer, laptop, or tablet is always performing like the day you bought it.
What You’ll Get

Tech Support provides unlimited virus removal and computer tune-ups to keep up to FIVE devices working at peak performance. Plus you’ll get Internet Security Software to stay virus-free and keep your personal information safe and secure. Tech Support members also receive exclusive offers for discounted in-home or in-shop support and unlimited free remote support. Call 1-501-203-TECH (8324) with your Tech Support Member ID to schedule a service or click here to schedule an appointment.

Did I mention FREE Pro-Grade Antivirus with membership and up to 5 covered devices?

Step 1: Become a Tech Support Member.
Step 2: We’ll securely access your computer remotely and identify your problem.

Step 3: We’ll remove all viruses and tune-up your computer to leave it running like new again.

Benefit Comparison Chart

Benefit Type Without Membership With Membership
Internet Security Software $39.95 / Year Included
Remote Virus and Spyware Removal $70 – $140 ea. Unlimted
Remote Computer Tune-ups $70 – $140 ea. Unlimted
Operating System Installation $80 ea. Unlimted
Remote Software Repair $35 ea. Unlimted
Hardware Installation $35 ea. Unlimted
Printer Setup Price Varies Unlimted
Data Backup Service (One-Time) $50 – $100 Unlimted
In-Shop Support $70 / hr. Unlimited
On-Site Support $90 / hr. 20% off
Remote Support $70 / hr. Unlimted
VIP Priority Service N/A Included


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*Family plans are billed monthly or annually - up to you. Biggest savings are with the annual plans.


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