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October 5, 2023
Discover How PDFgear Allows You to Easily Read, Edit, Convert, and Sign PDFs at No Cost

Discover How PDFgear Allows You to Easily Read, Edit, Convert, and Sign PDFs at No Cost

Many PDF tools out there can be expensive and not very user-friendly. Some of them require you to pay a high monthly fee, even if you don’t use them often. Others are just hard to use and make you look for new software every time you need to work with PDF files. Plus, some quick online tools may not be very secure, which can be a concern if you’re dealing with sensitive documents that have personal information and signatures.

But here’s the good news: PDFgear is a completely free PDF management software that works on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. It has all the features you’d expect from an expensive PDF tool. We’ll tell you more about what PDFgear can do, why it’s free, and why it’s a super easy option to use.

PDFgear is a tool that makes working with PDFs easy for everyone, especially if you’re new to it. It’s like a free and simple computer program that can do almost everything those expensive ones can do. PDFgear’s goal is to make PDF stuff simple for everyone.

Right now, PDFgear doesn’t cost anything, and you can easily install it on your computer. They want lots of people to use it and tell them what they think so they can make it even better. In the future, they might ask for a small fee if you want to use some fancy features, but don’t worry, everything you see now is free. No need to sign up or pay for anything.

E-Sign Securely with Encryption

PDFgear makes it super simple to sign PDFs, so you can turn any PDF into a form you can fill out. When it’s time to add your signature, you can pick how you want to do it: draw it, type it, or even upload a picture of your signature. Plus, PDFgear uses really strong encryption to keep your info safe, and it follows all the latest rules about electronic signatures like ESIGN and eIDAS. So, you know your data is secure and legit.

PDFgear has all the features you’d expect from a PDF tool and even more. It can do things like reading, reordering pages, editing, compressing, cropping, converting, merging, splitting, and extracting content from PDFs.

Let’s talk about editing, which is something many people want to do with PDFs. With PDFgear, you can easily edit your PDFs, just like you would edit a document in Microsoft Word. You don’t need to worry about adding new text boxes or paying extra for fancy features – you can freely change text and adjust how it looks.

Plus, there are plenty of other useful things you can do with PDFgear, like adding form fields, putting in shapes, images, signatures, and watermarks, numbering your pages, adding headers and footers, drawing with your own hand, leaving comments, taking notes, and much more. In short, PDFgear can handle just about anything you’d want to do with a PDF.


When you’re ready to save your PDF using PDFgear, it can make your file much smaller by compressing it, sometimes by as much as 90%, and it won’t make your document look worse.

If you ever need to change your PDF into a different type of file, or turn another type of file into a PDF, PDFgear can handle it. It supports more than 20 different formats like TIFF, doc, xls, ppt, and msg, among others. You can even convert a bunch of PDFs into editable documents all at once, change images into PDFs, and do the reverse, all without messing up how they look.

PDFgear is also really good at changing pictures and PDFs into regular text documents using something called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This means it can change image-based or scanned PDFs into documents you can search through and work with.

And the best part is, PDFgear is completely free. You can download it and start creating, editing, and working with PDFs without any trouble.

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